Another McCalls 6612 View A

Have I mentioned this is my first winter in Wisconsin?  I’ve spent every other winter no where colder than the Central Valley of California.  One Christmas the frost on the grass froze and we were so excited we tried to sled on it.  Silly.

There is no shortage of snow here, and the first ice fishermen are heading out on to the frozen lakes.  Crazy stuff.

I realized a few months ago that I do NOT have enough warm things to wear.  So, I decided to sew my way out of that problem, starting with a border print sweater dress.  The fabric is a Hatchi knit from  I’ve been verrrry curious about how to use a border print since it seems the border design along the selvage is kind of the wrong direction for most dress patterns… but I figured a knit will be more forgiving than a woven textile.  To have enough fabric to play with, I bought 3 yards, which is about double what the pattern calls for.  You can do that when it’s only $5 per yard!!

There’s a lot going on with the fabric – blue and brown stripe at the border, then a large floral motif, then polka dots that start large at the flowers and taper to small in the center of the fabric.  I thought a simple pattern would be easiest to deal with – enter McCalls 6612 again!  I cut view A, with a drape neck, without the side rusching, and knee-length.  I like the idea of the stripes at the hem, and the darker part of the fabric around my hips and lighter (smaller dots) on top.

Laying out the pattern pieces on the border print knit.

Laying out the pattern pieces on the border print knit.

I cut it out the day after Thanksgiving while our houseguests were off visiting their other relatives in town.  And then the pieces sat in a pile while what seemed like much time passed.  And TODAY I made time to put it together.  I think it took all of 3 hours.  I had trouble getting the facing right last time – it seems like I sewed the incorrect sides together a number of times.  This time – no mistakes.  So much more satisfying.

The fit is great. Basted the hem, and it hits just where I want it.  I think the neck needs a little interest… I have a lot of material left over and I think I’ll make an infinity scarf out of the stripes to wear around the neck.

The $2.99 I spent on this pattern was probably one of the best purchases I made this year.

I had planned to use the serger, but once I started going with the Singer on a zig zag stitch, I just kept going.  I admire those that make the inside just as pretty as the outside (Sewholic!), but I guess I’m just not quite there yet.

(Fashion pic coming soon)


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