Liberty Cambie

One of the first things I realized I love about Madison is that the weather is warm enough in summer to wear cute little summer dresses.  My cute little summer dress repertoire was zilch when I moved from San Francisco, because one pretty much just wears jeans and boots all “summer” long.  Because even if the thermometer manages to reach as high as 72 during the day, the wind will pick up and the fog will roll in sometime in the early evening.

So, I’ve started making some cute summer dresses.

For some reason I was resisting making making a Sewholic Cambie.  I don’t know why.  Too twee?  So… to tone down the cute-factor I decided to make it out of a Liberty of London fabric.  With small flowers.   Small red and pink flowers.  Yikes.  Whatever, I like it.

Front View

Front View

I cut a size 12 and made a half-inch FBA, and used a curved dart for the front darts.  The fabric is really quite lovely – nice feel and easy to work with.  I used a cotton voile for the lining.  For some reason I thought it would be awesome to have black bodice lining and a red skirt lining.  If I had to do it again, I’d line the whole thing in black, with a fashion fabric contrast waist, kind of the opposite of the outside.

Inside view

Inside View

Side View

Side View

Looking at the fit of the back, I should really be doing a swayback adjustment.

Back View

Back View

But at least the waistband lines up pretty well at the zipper.


This was the first time I had used lace hem tape, and used it just for the fashion fabric. The lining got a boring old turned-under-twice treatment.  I turned the fashion fabric under, machine sewed on the lace to the edge, turned it under again and pressed the hem, then hand sewed the hem lace to the skirt.

The Hems

The Hems

I didn’t use any particular stitch, just kind of small ones… it seemed to work out ok thanks to the busy print, but next time I will be a bit more intentional about hemming, and consult the Colette Guide to Sewing Hems, which I recently received and was perusing for a different project.

Can you see the hem stitches?

One thing I like is it isn’t really gapey in the front.

No gape!

No gape!

There did seem to be one slight error in the pattern – the skirt lining had a cutout for the pocket, similar to the skirt (or possibly, I used the wrong pattern piece).  So after I cut the lining and saw that it looked like a wedge was missing from the sides, I added in a wedge to fill it in.  Since I haven’t seen anyone else have this problem, I’m going to assume I did this wrong – but be careful you don’t do the same.  One skirt-shaped front piece looks very much like another.

All in all, I am really pleased with the fit.  It is a cute and easy to wear dress that I look forward to wearing a lot.

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