iPhone Case

I love data. When I’m out on a run or a bike ride, I like collecting data about the run or ride. How far, how fast, etc. so I can see if I was faster than last time, or last year or whatever. I use the Nike Running app on my iPhone for this, and carry the iPhone around in a dorky little armband.

My iPhone 4 has been crashing and forgetting how to use the GPS and running out of memory for a while… so it was time to upgrade to the iPhone 6. Which is great. But doesn’t fit in the dorky little armband for runs.  It is too long to zip in, and if the zipper can’t close, it is only a matter of time before it falls out.  Which would be sad.

The iPhone 6 IS bigger!

The iPhone 6 IS bigger!

So I hacked it.

I cut a hole in the bottom of the case, and sewed a bit of black cotton twill to extend the pocket. It was a little fiddly, as it is hard to get that part of the pocket under the sewing machine foot. But I managed to get most of it done on the machine and finished the edges by hand.

Armband extension

Armband extension

Arm band with iPhone 6 extension.

Arm band with iPhone 6 extension.

It looks a little wonky.  For example, the “home” button is down in the extension, and you can’t quite see the whole screen in the window.  But it is 90% functional.  And I’m much happier with the result than I would have been buying a new one and throwing the old one away.

Armband side view

Armband side view


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