Roxanne Blouse

I should have trusted my initial instinct on this.  I wanted to like it, but I knew it would not be flattering on me.  But after seeing other curvy women singing the praises of their Roxanne blouses, I got all excited and made one.  And… I’ve been trying to convince myself that I like it ever since I made it.

The look on my face shows how much I like this top.

The look on my face shows how much I like this top.

It is a silk chiffon with a lovely flowiness to it.  And it’s sheer, so you can see my curviness through the fabric… but not enough to actually be flattering, I’m grudgingly admitting now.  Look how long that back hem is!! I think I actually shortened it a few inches.  But I’m only 5’4″, and it kind of overwhelms me.




Last time I wore it, I tucked it in.  Which defeats the purpose of the pattern.  But I think it actually looks better on me.  What do you think?  I’m thinking of modifying it, to take it in a lot and maybe adjust the hem.

Roxanne tucked.

Roxanne tucked.

On the bright side… sewing with this fabric was not too bad.  I had been procrastinating the sleeve facings, but after reading a tutorial from Grainline Studios, it was a piece of cake!

Sorry about the creepy pictures.  I just got a remote and tripod for my iPhone and was experimenting with taking my own pictures.  Though the background isn’t distracting, it is kind of sad and creepy.  Future pictures will be taken outside when possible.  And hopefully that ugly digital watch that will not make any further appearances.


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