Back Zip Blouse


The pattern is Butterick 6176 (Retro ’52). I picked up this pattern probably 15 years ago but this is the first time I’ve ever made it and I’m really happy with results. It is described as a top with cap sleeves and stitched hem, back buttons, front and back darts. I made a few modifications. I used a zipper instead of buttons, as I thought it would be very difficult to button up the back of the shirt. And, hey, zippers are so trendy right now. Also I used bound instead of faced armholes.

I love the material that I used for this. It is a 100% silk woven from Mood in New York City. That was a really fun, but way too quick shopping experience.  It was easy to sew with, and has a nice drape.  The contrast fabric is a navy poly that I used as trim for another dress.


I cut a size 14 muslin and made no modifications (no usual FBA), and the fit seems good. I used French seems for the shoulder in Side seams is I didn’t have a surgery to finish the edges. I faced the neck using interfaced self-fabric. The pattern calls for facing the neck and the back opening but I did that a little differently. I added a 1.5 inch wide fusible interfacing pice to each side of the back opening offset by a quarter inch. I turned in a quarter inch and sewed it down, then I turned the back in three quarters of an inch to stabilize and finish the zipper opening. I sewed the exposed zipper to the inside at the back. Hello I used a separating zipper it was too long for the opening and was calling a funny bump at the bottom of the shirt. I decided to shorten the zipper and closed up the seem about 8 inches from the bottom of the shirt.


Overall I think that fit is good but a bit big in the neck and back I should’ve cut size 12 with an FBA. Seems like I’ve learned this lesson once before… this is a really easy to wear shirt that I’ve been wearing a lot. I plan on repeating this pattern again.

One hilarious thing about this pattern is the skirt pattern included in this envelope. It calls for a Velcro closure rather than as it which just seems terrible.

Print the seas (note: this blog entry was primarily recorded using dictation software on the Mac. It is pretty easy to use though needs a little help here in there. If anyone can give me a tip on how to get it to understand the word “sewed” that would be great. It keeps typing “So did”.)

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